Community Highlights

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Learn more about engaging with patients, families and caregivers to support Ontario Health Teams

On March 18th, 2020, the McMaster Health Forum and RISE hosted an online citizen panel to explore the views and experiences of 15 patients, family and caregiver advisors, 12 of which have been actively engaged as patient advisors during the development of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) and three of which expressed an interest in contributing to the development of OHTs. This panel was a first step in producing advice to the ministry and OHTs about engaging patients, families and caregivers, and explored the challenges in meaningfully engaging patients, families and caregivers in the work of all OHTs. The panel was the first step in beginning the online collaborative for patient and caregiver engagement within the OHT Shared Space Forum.

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How to provide senior friendly care during the pandemic? A spotlight on delirium

This framework has been developed by the Regional Geriatric Program of Ontario to support teams to provide senior-friendly care for older adults experiencing delirium during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is most relevant to teams that have prioritized older adults as their year 1 population and can be used when designing new service delivery pathways as part of Building block #4: Patient care and experience.

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Ontario Palliative Care Network and how it can support OHTs as a health-system partner

At maturity, all Ontario Health Teams are expected to provide care across the continuum of care. Palliative care is provided in all sectors that are “in scope” for Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), and integrating palliative care into service delivery planning can enable OHTs to have early success in achieving a full and coordinated continuum of care. The Ontario Palliative Care Network (OPCN) is a health system partner with palliative care expertise, resources and data to help OHTs to provide better, more integrated care across the province. This brief shares some of the key OPCN resources developed in collaboration with provincial partners, to enable better care for patients and their families wherever they receive care. These tools are implementation-ready and will provide OHTs with valuable guidance for integrating palliative care into service delivery planning.