About Us

The OHT Shared Space brings together those actively participating in the development of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) with experts drawn from across the province, including system leaders, people with lived experience, and researchers. We facilitate the sharing of resources about and lessons learned in using a population-health management approach to ‘move the needlle’ on quadruple-aim metrics for year 1 priority populations and putting in place the eight OHT building blocks.

The OHT Shared Space was developed in response to feedback from participants at the OHT Provincial Learning and Improvement Collaborative Forum held in February 2020. We heard from OHT representatives, small-group facilitators, and experts about the need for further networking across teams to establish connections around common interests and challenges, including those with similar year 1 priority populations, as well as networking with those with expertise in caring for these populations.

By participating in one or more groups on the OHT Shared space, you can:

  • find and connect with individuals working on similar priorities in other OHTs
  • share resources about and lessons learned in using a population-health management approach putting in place the eight OHT building blocks
  • engage with the RISE network of experts
  • stay up-to-date with new learning and improvement opportunities, including upcoming webinars


Who We Are

The OHT Shared Space is supported by a partnership between the Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) and the Quorum team at Ontario Health.


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RISE works as part of the Ontario Ministry of Health’s OHT Central Program of Supports to support the development and maturation of Ontario Health Teams by providing timely, and responsive access to Ontario-based ‘rapid-learning and improvement’ assets.


Quorum is part of Ontario Health’s family of programs aimed to improve the quality of health care provided across the province. Our mission is to support people to learn from each other, share their experiences, and collaborate on quality improvement initiatives.