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Ces communautés de pratique sont dirigées par des membres de Santé Ontario et d’autres organismes de soins de santé pour collaborer sur des programmes, projets ou initiatives d’AQ particuliers. Certaines sont publiques (c’est-à-dire que tout le monde peut participer) tandis que d’autres sont privées.

Si vous souhaitez créer votre propre communauté de pratique, communiquez avec nous à l’adresse

The purpose of this community of practice is to support Regional Renal Programs and their Quality Improvement Teams who are implementing the Access to Kidney Transplantation and Living Donation (AKT) Strategy. CoP members will gain access to provincial resources and, in addition to meetings, will use this online space to support learning and collaboration across Regional Renal Programs. Feel free to post your questions, useful resources and stories/experiences so we can all learn from each other.
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This private community of practice is for interdisciplinary diabetes health care providers from five hospital sites participating in the Bridging the Gap diabetes transition study. The hospital sites include SickKids, Trillium Health Partners, Markham Stouffville Hospital, McMaster Children’s Hospital and The Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre. Members will use this space to access study-related materials, discuss project activities, post questions, and share best practices.
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For those in the Bundled Care program, the purpose of this Community of Practice is to provide support to enable successful implementation of bundled care and funding.Through this Community of Practice, our members will develop relationships and learn and develop new practices.

Please contact for more information.
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NOTE: This is a private group dedicated to members of the Complex Care for Kids Ontario (CCKO) Nursing Community of Practice (CoP) only.

The CCKO Nursing CoP is expected to perform the following functions:

1. To foster collaboration and enhance communication between the four regional lead sites and their respective satellite partners across Ontario.

2. Facilitate the sharing of best practices, knowledge, and experiences for the purposes of advocacy, building social capital and stimulating new learning through knowledge exchange when caring for children with medical complexities and their families.

3. Support the development, endorsement, and/or dissemination of evidence-based best practice resources, tools and algorithm that would enhance the coordination and care.

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The purpose of this on-line space is to bring together QI leaders from across the mental health and addictions sector to:

• Establish a community of provider agencies focused on measuring and reporting on quality;
• Begin to utilize a consistent QIP framework across the sector;
• Use OPOC data elements to develop and pilot-test quality indicators;
• Report back to the MOH on issues and experiences related to measurement and indicator use;
• Create a repository of ‘change ideas’ that can help make improvements in key areas of quality;
• Leverage the strength and experience of leading agencies to support the sector to measure and report quality indicators and imbed QI practices throughout.

We look forward to working together with you to advance QI within the MH&A sector!
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