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Abhilash Jayachandran

Abhilash Jayachandrancreated the topic: Personal hygiene risk assessment tool

Hello there, I am looking for suggestions on a tool assessing personal hygiene care risk in dementia/or in general population...for example (skin breakdown, UTI's, body odour, wound healing, change in hygiene practices etc) Please let me know if anyone …

9 months ago

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  • Apurva ShirodkarHi Abhilash, thanks for your question. We recently published a post on implementation tools to support adoption of the Dementia Quality Standard which lists some resources that may be useful:

    The suite of Senior Friendly Care Tools from the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto may be useful:
    HQO has also developed three quality standards on wound care topics:

    We will soon post some tools to support implementation of the wound care quality standards, so please stay tuned!  9 months ago
  • Abhilash Jayachandran@Apurva Shirodkar Hi Apurva, Thank you for your response. I did review the resources suggested and find it very useful for my work. Regarding my previous question on the personal hygiene risk assessment tool, I thought I could clarify bit more. I find that the conversation/decision making process regarding personal hygiene care/needs/risks seems to be very subjective at times where care is prescribed from others point of view (often with good intentions). I think a dignity driven decision making process to define optimized care could be useful in this scenario. That is where I am curious to find objective indicators of risks.Thanks again.  9 months ago
  • Apurva ShirodkarThanks for clarifying Abilash, those are important considerations for providing patient-centered care. If you are using any resources, we would love to hear more about how they are supporting your work.9 months ago
Abhilash Jayachandran
Schizophrenia Quality Standards Spread Initiative

Abhilash Jayachandranjoined the group Schizophrenia Quality Standards Spread Initiative

This community of practice is for inter-professional team members from hospitals and community agencies across Ontario who are participating in the Schizophrenia Quality Standards Spread Initiative being led by Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. Through this initiative, spread partners are focused on implementing a sub-set of Schizophrenia Quality Statements within their organizations, including: long-acting injectable antipsychotic medication; clozapine; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis (CBTp); and Family Intervention Therapy (FIT). Members will use this space to share best practices, implementation strategy materials and lessons learned in implementing quality statements across different settings.

11 months ago