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Margaret Millward

Margaret Millwardcreated the topic: Join us for a webinar: Transitions from Hospital to Primary Care

This webinar is part of Health Quality Ontario's Timely and Efficient Webinar Series. Tuesday, August 27th from 12:00 p.m. - 1 p.m. The webinar will touch on the following QIP indicators in the primary care and hospital sectors: 7-day post …

4 days ago

Margaret Millward

Margaret Millwardcreated the topic: Safe and effective care: A new QIP indicator related to opioid prescribing for primary care

A cornerstone of quality is that the care that patientsreceive should be safe and effective. Avoiding new starts of opioids when othertreatment options may be more appropriate can help to prevent long-term use,which can lead to significant harm. The …

5 months ago

Margaret Millward

Margaret Millwardcreated the topic: How do you use a regional approach to care to reduce COPD readmission rates?

The North Perth FHT, North Huron FHT and Listowel WinghamHospitals Alliance (LWHA) have successfully strengthened their partnershipto reduce 30-day hospital readmission rates for COPD in their LHIN sub-regionfrom 9.6% to 4.6% over a two year period. …

7 months ago

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  • Danyal MartinWhat a great example of the value of both partnership and QI! We get a lot of questions from organizations that really feel like they can't focus on cross-sector collaborative work because it just seems too overwhelming. Do you have any advice for organizations getting started?

    And I'd love to learn more about how you're adapting or changing your approach for other topics!7 months ago
  • Lindsay McGee@Danyal Martin For any organizations starting out, keep the patient at the centre of what you are trying to accomplish. Start very small - each small success is a step towards further integration. Our work with our local partners began many years ago in this manner and has developed into strong partnerships that are still evolving. 

    We are now working on applying the same methods to other patient groups such as mental health and addictions, and are currently working together to identify change ideas for our 2019/2020 Quality Improvement Plans.
    6 months ago
  • Danyal Martin@Lindsay McGee Thanks for this advice - I totally agree! We'd love to stay in touch about how this works with mental health and addictions - there are so many opportunities to improve in this area. Looking forward to reaching your 2019/20 QIP!6 months ago
Margaret Millward

Margaret Millwardcreated the topic: Improving ALC through partnership: Spotlight on North Hamilton Community Health Centre

Currently in Hamilton, there are marginalized clients in the hospital who are ready to be discharged but need more supports to be able to transition to the community. Over the last year, North Hamilton Community Health Centre has been addressing this …

1 year ago

  • Danyal MartinThanks for sharing this work! I love the focus on building relationships and acknowledging that each organization works differently. 1 year ago
Margaret Millward

Margaret Millwardcreated the topic: Using a multi-pronged approach to improve ALC: Spotlight on North Lambton CHC

North Lambton Community Health Centre (NLCHC) is positively impacting Alternate Level of Care (ALC) by bringing a health equity lens to this issue, and collaborating with community partners and their local hospital. The ALC issue is a symptom of a …

1 year ago

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  • Danyal Martin@Leah Willemse That sounds great! I love that the group comes together to look at the data - it sounds like it could be a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas. And perhaps you can do another post later about the work on collective measures in the QIPs! (I'm interested in how people use the QIP for collaborative QI activities.) 1 year ago
  • Leah Willemse@Danyal Martin - To start the work, we decided to focus on the effective transitions domain of the QIP; the cross-sector group felt this was most applicable to all partners across the continuum.  We focused specifically on readmissions for COPD and developed a diver diagram to look at changes that improve effectiveness and communication across transitions for the COPD patient.  The group now has smaller working groups looking at each of the primary drivers.  I would be happy to post an update on the group's progress later in the year!    1 year ago
  • Danyal Martin@Leah Willemse Thanks, Leah! We'd love to hear about it! (Perhaps you can do another post on Quorum!)1 year ago
Margaret Millward

Margaret Millwardcreated the topic: Parkwood Mennonite Home: A focus on communication with residents

Each year, staff at Health Quality Ontario read the Quality Improvement Plans (QIPs) submitted by Ontario hospitals, primary care organizations, long-term care homes, and local health integration networks (which administer home care). We identified some …

1 year ago